Meth addicts appear to physically deteriorate at a faster rate compared to people who abuse other substances like heroin or cocaine. In reality, law enforcement efforts have occasionally focused on the bad health of meth psychosis because a kind of hindrance: by posting before-and-after pictures of meth users, people are able to produce rapid and picture associations concerning the dangers of meth addiction. But as soon as you understand just what about meth use causes facial skin and dental problems, you are going to realize how harmful this drug actually is.

Before we present our explanation of why meth induces users to deteriorate and start to seem miserable, take a look at the next page at which several before and after pictures of meth users have been showcased, courtesy of law enforcement.

The majority of the mug shots mentioned previously are taken at quite short intervals that reveal exactly how shockingly quick meth can lead to an individual’s skin and teeth to era, injure, deteriorate and break down. These effects may be attributed to a number of facets of meth abuse and dependence:

Meth Face

*Once smoked, meth creates toxic chemicals which are subsequently released into the facial skin and hair. While all kinds of smoke have a tendency to dry and eventually “heal” skin, meth smoke is particularly toxic and contributes to accelerated aging of their skin.

*Meth impedes the circulatory system, decreasing blood flow and resulting in a diminished capability to resist the effects of stress, illness and disease.

*Meth users have a reputation for skin-picking as a consequence of the persistent but incorrect sense that bugs are crawling under the skin. (The Way Meth Destroys the Body PBS Frontline) Skin choosing creates sores that don’t cure properly and causes disease in certain users who may prove life threatening contemplating the absence of concern that many meth users need for personal hygiene.

*Cheeks become submerged and the facial skin is drawn down in an aged appearance that’s reminiscent of a stroke sufferer. This can be due to “meth mouth” (discussed below) and malnutrition – a frequent problem among meth users.